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Hardware and Software

Sometimes it takes additional hardware and software to implement technology solutions for your company. You may need to upgrade to more efficient equipment or versions. Maybe your employees will need training and instruction. Here are a few of the things that I can do for you.

New or Upgraded PC's
I regularly buy and stock common components to build, upgrade or repair your computers. My reseller accounts with national distributors give me access to a wide range of parts at competitive prices. My objective is to service your business and make it run smoothly. When I build your PC, it will be dependable and efficient.
Computer Peripherals
When it comes to choosing a printer, scanner, fax or copier, the choices can be confusing. I see a variety of products in daily use and often research new products that become available. With your workflow and budget in mind, I can help you choose the best peripherals for your needs.
Software Acquisition
Through my wholesale accounts, I can get competitively priced software from Microsoft, Adobe, Symantec, Computer Associates and others. Let me help you get the best deal you can.
Software Training
I've worked extensively with many of the popular software programs you may be using. I can train you or your employees to accomplish the needed tasks. Here is a partial list of software that I know well enough to teach; Microsoft Excel, Access, Word, Outlook, PowerPoint and FrontPage, Intuit QuickBooks and Quicken, Adobe Photoshop and Pagemaker.
Programming and Configuration
Many tasks performed by you and your employees can be automated by using macros, scripts and reports available in the Microsoft Office products. I can create an Access database with web or pc input, set up standard reports and queries, and exports to Excel, web pages, mail merge etc. We may be able to take hours of work and convert it to a few clicks.