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Internet and E-Commerce

Below is a beginners guide to what it takes for you to get a web site up and running with your own "dot com" name and what I can do for you to see that goal realized. I offer full service creation from the first phone call to permanent, ongoing maintenance and site improvement.

Domain Registration
This is the process of getting your ".com" name (your "domain name") registered and listed on servers all over the world. Through my account with US2.net, I can expedite your registration process. You pay only the registration fee, currently about $14.95 per name, per year. Many names are reserved every day but we can usually find a suitable ".com" for you with a little research and creativity. 
Web Hosting
Once you have your your domain name, you need a web server to store your web pages and scripts. I have a dedicated server hosted by Intermedia.net and can add your domain to my server. Then you will have your Internet address and a home for your site so that all the other Internet servers can send requests to your domain name and everyone can view your web site.
Interface Design
This is the look and feel of your site; how your web visitors interact with your web site. I usually work with a graphic designer to implement a site that is easy to use and visually pleasing as well as functional. It's difficult to make a sale to a prospect who is confused or frustrated by you web site. We want them to enjoy doing business with you over the Internet. (examples)
Site Development
This phase is where we make your web site more than just an electronic brochure. Here we add the Internet functionality; E-commerce, web-based forms, E-mail contacts, Auto-responses, databases etc. A good development plan and execution can bring you new accounts and help you to serve existing accounts even better. (examples)
E-mail Hosting
With your domain name you will want to have e-mail for you and your employees. My hosting service will allow you to have as many anybody@yourdomain.com accounts as you need. These e-mail accounts can each have their own password. You can access your mail with any e-mail client, for example, Outlook and Outlook Express. You can also manage your e-mail using a web browser from any computer with Internet access. You can also use my Exchange hosting service for a more integrated e-mail solution using the latest features of Outlook 2007 and Exchange 2007.