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Windows and Software Support

"Back-up your data and reformat the hard drive". I've been told that's what people hear when they call customer support at their computer vendor. I know how hard it is to re-install all the programs with their data, preferences and settings, so I try to fix the problem without reformatting if it makes sense. Here are some of the ways that I handle software support.

If your office is in the Puget Sound area, I can come to you to fix your software problems. Sometimes it's more efficient if I take your computer case back to my service bench to diagnose and repair it. My prices are reasonable so you don't have to worry about spending more to fix your old machine than it would cost to replace it. Besides when I'm finished, you are up and running with all your programs and data in place.
Remote Access
This is a great solution if you have your Internet connection working. I can log on to your computer via a Webex connection or thru Windows Remote Assistance. I support several customers with Remote Admin that allows me to log in to their server and work on their system at any time. I also use remote admin to work on routers if the router is online but the computers can't get online.
Phone, Instant Message and E-mail
Let me know what your problem is and I'll try to give you step by step instructions on how to fix it. It helps if you can copy or write down any error messages that you see. Many problems are ones that I've solved before and can be readily fixed by you if you are reasonably comfortable with finding, renaming and editing files etc.
Self-help and Preliminary Diagnosis
Please click to More... Links and Information page and see Microsoft Knowledge Base and PC Pitstop.
Web site problems
If you are having problems with your web site or need some new features added, contact me and I'll take care of it. I can fix graphics, broken links and database problems.
Microsoft Office problems
Reports not coming out right? Macros crashing? Mail-merge not merging? All common problems that I can solve. Depending on your situation of course, I can teach as I fix so that the person responsible for using the software learns how to keep it working more reliably.