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Productivity and Workflow

How do you and your employees use your technology tools? If you have your web site and your e-mail up and running, if you have your computers networked and you have a great Internet connection, what next? Here are a few of the solutions that I've worked out to help some of my customers improve their efficiency and productivity.

Calendar Sharing
Having a company-wide calendar really improves your communication. With a shared calendar, everyone will be reminded of important deadlines, meetings and appointments. Once you are networked and always online each persons' calendar will be updated regularly.
Contact Sharing
This works much like the calendar sharing. Think of the time you can save having a complete and up-to-date directory of all the important contact information. You will have your customers' and vendors' addresses, phone and fax numbers and e-mail addresses at your fingertips. With this information in your Outlook file, you can quickly send an e-mail, auto-dial a phone number, send a digital fax or print an envelope, label or letter.
This can be a very useful tool within your office or with outside contacts. You can quickly notify someone of a call holding or a visitor waiting. You can send someone a phone number or web link that will display on their screen. Instant messaging can reduce inter-office paging and voice mail. Many people use this tool to touch base with contacts on the outside as well. It works great to quickly confirm meetings or appointments.
Online Ordering
Once you have a good Internet connection, you will soon discover that you can save time by ordering supplies and material online. If your vendors aren't ready yet with E-commerce web sites, you can usually order by e-mail. I can help you set up suitable order forms and tools to expedite most of your purchasing.
Electronic Billing
You may be able to save time and postage by sending invoices digitally to your customers. Using Adobe Acrobat for example, I can show you how to send out a professional looking invoice from almost any accounting software. Statements and reminders can also be sent out quickly and easily.
Other Ideas
There are many more ways to use the available technology; Internet postage, Internet shipping and tracking, employee and operations manuals online, project tracking etc. Every business is unique and requires unique solutions to improving efficiency and productivity.